Penman: Let your voice do the Writing!

Penman is a universal iOS app which offers a voice-driven alternative to typing notes. With speech-to-text technology, it allows you to take notes easier and faster on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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Main features

Use it Everywhere

You can easily use Penman on all of your devices, no matter iPhone iPad or Mac

Speech to Text

With the power of Google's Speech to Text, you can seamlessly convert your words into notes and write in over 120 different languages!

Powerful Editor

Penman has a powerful text editor with more than 20 tools to help users write more conveniently.

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Mac devices

Use on all your Devices

You can easily use Penman on all of your devices. Start your day by writing your notes in iPhone, pickup the rest in your Mac device and end the day by reading your notes on iPad. All of your notes gets synced automatically.

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Speech to text System

Tap to create a note, and start speaking your notes. It’s as easy as that! Penman, using Google's Speech recognition system, will start converting all of your words to text on the fly.

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Fun notebooks to play

Managing all of your notes in Penman is easy, you can simply create a notebook, customize it to your taste and create notes in it.

Meet Penman v3

Penman v3 is the latest update in which we have rebuilt everything from the ground up, bringing a whole new experience in iPad and Mac.

Don't take our word for it

— I am so excited to have found Penman! I allows me to bypass the physical act of writing entirely, and just focus on what I want to say, which for my unique brain is very helpful. I’ve never tried using speech-to-text software before, but so far I am impressed with Penman’s speed and accuracy. I am using Penman to create and update my day-plans now, but I can see it being a game-changer in my creative writing as well.

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— This is the best speech-to-text app on the market. Very easy to use and accurate. I have had no problems using it whatsoever. I enjoy this app so much that I completely stopped using the original speech-to-text feature on the phone and I have only been using this. It is significantly better than the speech-to-text feature that originally came with my iPhone

AppStore Review

— This is one of those apps that you come across every now and then that completely changes the way you interact with your phone. I can’t tell you the last time I used the microphone feature on my keyboard without being either frustrated or disappointed with the resulting entry. Penman does a great job in processing what you say.

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