let your voice do the


With Penman you can speak your thoughts into text, share ideas, record “on the fly” remarks, all with the sound of your voice.


Tell your Story


will do the writing

Penman is the best of both worlds, a powerful text editor woven in with the genius of googles speech to text technology; enabling you the ability to create fast, in-depth texts and stories at will.

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Manage all of your notes here, simply create a notebook and speak your thoughts into text or simply pen them in yourself.

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Speech To Text

With the power of googles speech to text software, you can seamlessly convert your words to notes and write in over 120 different languages!

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Powerful Editor

We have utilized a revolutionary full text editing software with features that make your experience as pleasant as it is simple.

State of the art google speech to text technology

Simply start STT and see as the texts appear right as you are saying them. Google STT system supports more that 120 languages.

Text Editor

We have implemented a powerful text editor that pens your thoughts into text easily and in a way that is visually stunning. Additionally our software support Left to Right and Right to Left writing as well as a number of features that you can take advantage of during the process of turning your speech into convertible text.

Manage your notes 
with Notebooks

You can categorize, group and coordinate your notebooks, in order to distinguish between them and seamlessly move through your ideas, lists and stories in a way that fits your lifestyle.

High performance

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